Virtual Human Interface

Virtual Human Interface

The Virtual Human Interface (VHI) is a state-of-the art yet low-cost Virtual Reality (VR) system offering high fidelity visualization, 3D models, real-time volumetric displays, panoramic immersive videos, virtual humans, built in computer vision, AI, CAVE support and a large range of input/output devices. It comes with full source code and SDK allowing our customers to create their own applications. It was designed as a next generation VR comprising of multiple configurable hardware software components, each addressing key aspects of a specific application (click on the image above).

The VHI is our core technology standing behind many of our success stories. During the past decade it was deployed to solve challenging problems in the fields of Film and Interactive Entertainment, Human Modeling and Virtual Reality Medicine, Advanced Visualization and Robotics. Click on the buttons on the left to learn more or download the journal papers below for a more detailed explanation.

Papers & Videos

JVR 2010 IEEE CGA 2003 IEEE CGA 2005 IJVR 2006 IJVR 2008

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