Virtual Human Interface Virtual Human Interface Virtual Human Interface

Operating Room of the Future

Inefficiencies in operating rooms limit patient throughput. Computerized OR records and Anesthesia Information Management Systems are a first generation attempt to facilitate rigorous analysis of workflow. Some groups have taken an ontological approach, which lends putting workflow into a vocabulary of formal semantics. With this language, comparison of a case to an ideal workflows and comparison across cases is brought into the realm of knowledge processing. It is our goal to further advance the field of workflow analysis with the use of sensors into the operating room along with computer analysis to extract events from real world workflow. The sensors include live video for machine vision and optical tracking for motion capture (MOCAP). Virtual Reality provides a means to simulate ideal workflows and review actual workflows using a virtual environment.

Virtual Human Interface Virtual Human Interface Virtual Human Interface

Anatomically Guided Ultrasound

Anatomically guided 3D ultrasound with telemedicine capabilities has proven to benefit minimally trained medics allowing them to take high quality US images and transmit them to experts in remote locations. Our guided diagnostic system was designed to detect internal bleeding of patients in the field. It employs high fidelity digital human models to help medics with minimal training to find anatomical structures and subsequently obtain high quality ultrasound scans that may be shared with doctors located remotely. Ultrasound offers a fast method to detect internal bleedings and help save the lives. It is currently the imaging solution available in a portable, low power consumption form.

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