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DEMO VIDEO: Virtual Robots & Cardboard - The Future of Augmented Reality in Education!

* Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson 360 Dogfight -filmed in PanoCAST.
* Visit our NEW SITE @ our London Office
* METAMORPHOSIS 360, Hollywood Award winning experimental film

Immersive Interactive Media brings virtual reality to the doorstep of consumers. Digital Elite was founded with the mission to design and deliver a novel Virtual Reality architecture encompassing immersive media, panoramic video, virtual humans, 3D animation, mobile streaming and interactive entertainment on a variety of platforms. After more than a decade of interdisciplinary research and development, today the company offers a range of innovative products and services to its exclusive clients.

Virtual Reality On-Demand transforms the way we consume entertainment, learn, play or live. Be a part of this excitement and live the Digital Revolution as it was meant to be. Through this site explore the world of immersive media using our Panoramic Broadcasting technology (PanoCAST) or try out Virtual Reality Medicine (VirMED), see how Facial Animation allows you to communicate your emotions and have fun at the same time (FunIcons), or see what we do in exciting projects like Operating room of the Future, 3D Radar systems, Robotics, and more ...